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About The ScumBags
Hello everyone , 

The ScumBags is a 10man fresh semi-hardcore guild with some experianced raiders , friendly enviroment and alot of fun.
We are currently looking for exceptional , mature , active and people with very good knowledge of their class to progress for the respective expansion.
We are ussing the loot counsil system , as we got some knowledgable people who are playing most of the classes for a long time up to the respective expansion and who are  also able to offer some you some help.
We are also looking for PvPers and Social to join our ranks , as we also aim for a RBG team as long as we get a more stable progress raiding team. At the momment we are looking for various classes to boost our teams:


Currently were recruiting for 25m raiding to finish up Hc SoO and prepare for WoD. We are looking for social, decent english speaking, experienced players to refill our ranks and long previous raiding experience. We expect these players to have excellent class knowledge, previous experience with Hc raiding.Currently recruitment is open for all classes/specs
What we also require at the momment is:
• A strong raiding background ,  previous and current heroic experiance along with the required gear , both good enough to be helpfull for the guild! A good example at this momment would be (580+ . 12HC+) and good Logs , tho ofc there are more factors like knowledge that will be taken under consideration which are been included on the application form!
• Be Active , Competitive , Serious , Social , Motivated and Vocal!
• A good team player aswell of individual play who can participate in other guild events!
• Extensive knowledge of your class mechanics and current raid encounters. You should know your own role within each fight and also understand the demands of other roles (raid cooldowns, healing/DPS checks)!
• You should be able to look at logs of your own and others to maximise your performance on a given encounter!
High attendance is critical, especially for learning new content. While we understand RL precedence, you should aim for 100% attendance and give warning for any upcoming AFKs.
• An ability to fit into the guild environment. If you do not get along with the other members, chances are high that you will not pass the trial. We don't accept rage-quits or temper tantrums here!

At the momment (MoP) our current raiding schedule is Friday/Saturday/Monday at 20:00-24:00 server time. As for WoD were considering change Saturday to Sunday and we will be adding Tuesday as an extra progressive day.

As we encourage old players to apply , who currently dont meet those requirements tho they got a strong heroic raiding experiance over the expansions for WoD.

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For new Members - Rules and Regulations

by Zerat0, 1479 days ago

First & Foremost:
Well lets start with a big Welcome to the guild, or as is usual, a whalecum. You probably managed to make a decent application if you got this far. This topic is setup to guide your way into the guild, so read up and save yourself a lot of trouble with questioning and shooting in the dark.
Now we have had that, i like to point out that All new members should understand that Gear isnt a problem, you will never get hammered by your CL or the officers for your gear. Its your skills that will be judged, you are the only one responsible for your own performance. That means Total performance, as in: coming prepared, reading up on latest patchnotes, scaling your build with guild expectations, etc etc. So first and foremost, come prepared and do your job the best you can.

Basic Guild info & Regulations:

Guild Master: Øren

Guild Regulations:
As a guild we want to progress, down bosses we haven't downed before and hang em on our wall of farmed ones. This to ensure we get the best gear possible for all new content or new bosses. Farming is something thats necessary for progress, but we do not stop at try #4, nor at #10, if you are not up for trying out strategies, keeping motivated when you have had a 1% wipe (we've seen em alot), then you might have stumbled into the wrong guild. We ask a players motivation, Motivation = knowledge, tactic learning and attendance. We do not have the inclination or time to keep 4 players motivated while we got 21 others eager to go on with try #26. Its called a try for a reason, you learn from the mistakes as a guild and as a player. Focus on your own faults after a wipe, if you are convinced that you did everything perfectly then have the arrogance to educate others. Do not point and call names, but help/assist other players if you have the insight and knowledge.

Besides that we have some basic guidelines summarized in this list:

1. You come prepared,  having the latest addons installed. Boss encounters , DoTtrackers and Proc/cooldown trackers etc. Not to mention Flasks and Potions. Make sure you've read up on tactics! If you don’t like boss fights to be spoiled and you want to experience them first hand without having watched/read boss tactics, you'll have to try it out on LFR/Normal Flex difficulty before the main raid starts. Not only that, but if you don’t know what’s going on and can’t come prepared and ready (for whatever reason) to kill new bosses, this team is not for you.

2. You must show classknowledge. Meaning you adjust your spec to the latest patch if needed and adjust your rotations based on the best possible DPS-output for certain bosses. All the raid needs to step up their DPS. If you got 5k then you are doing it wrong. Check or other sites for good info.

3. We require an attendance rate of 90% over the last month. This might seem high, but in order to progress at a steady pace through Mythic content, we have to run a tight roster. Because we’re only raiding 12-16 hours a week there is little to no time to relearn fights every week with a completely different setup. If an emergency comes up, we expect you to inform your Raid Leader/Officers about it so we can make an exception. But if you wish to be a core raider and get priority on loot/raid spots, we expect you to be there full time.

4. No whining. Yes officers and CL will make decisions that are sometimes unpopular. Like not giving you loot, but rest assured: everyone showing skills and motivation will get geared. We want to down bosses faster, and sometimes that requires passing a item to a class or player that benefits from it more. The guild benefits, and like Karl Marx, we think of the collective Thats progress. Thats why we are ussing the council loot system when it comes to items in order to maintain a balance overall gear up , as for the mounts over the expansions they gona be shared starting with the oldest , more stable and those whose performance is one of the best players.

5. We use Loot Council as a means of loot distribution to give loot to whom we think benefits most of an item. We’ll always prioritise core raiders over recruits. Certain off specs might get more priority if needed for progression. As a trial member you probably wont get any loot, all other members active in the guild are here for a long time and have raided with us day in & night out. The trialperiod is short, so it shouldnt be a heavy burden for you to endure. Prove yourself in this period and you will get loot as fairly as we can distribute it. Not to mention your pride as you assisted in a first time downing of a boss.

6. Do NOT act cocky or arrogant about your DPS/HPS or whatever. This may lead to a gkick for acting like a nob.

7. When to AFK during raid and when not to. Toilet breaks are only allowed during trash - not in front of a boss; don’t keep 19 people waiting. If we find you AFK while we’re in front of a boss, you will get kicked and replaced by someone else for the rest of the night. If we raid 4 hours, we’ll have a 10min break somewhere halfway. There is no use asking for a break, the Raid Leader will decide when and where to take it.

Rules tailored for you:

As a new player you are required to know some guild policy besides what we expect from you during raids. The common player rules are as follows:
1. The mainrule in this guild is to check the calendar and signup/decline for raids. Do this every day, you can also do it from your armory page. So being at work/school shouldnt be a problem. Check it regularly, make a habbit out of it.

2. Trialists are expectedto show up 4 weeks in a row, so we can get a good idea of what you're capable of. We’ll do this by evaluating logs and see how you improve over the course of your trial. You have to show up for at least every farm night, and if needed also for progression fights. Always make sure to communicate how we can reach you in case you’re needed but weren’t in in the first place.

3. If you screw up during raids or perform exceptional well, officers will take that under consideration when they decide about the loots. Decisions are to be accepted during raids, if you disagree with our decision then talk about it after raid. Do not stop the flow of raiding with personal issues regarding the loots.

4. If you ever need any advice, or some consulting, don't be afraid to ask your corresponding Classleader. They are there for that job and help you make a better player or answer your questions. If it involves guild/raid questions then officers are available for you in that department. Don't be afraid to ask.

Guild Motivation:
While this all seems strict, remember why we are doing it: We want a smooth raid in progress. Explaining tactics takes time, wiping takes more time and increases frustration. We have set this up to give our guild more relaxing while raiding. Progress should be fun, and not a experience where you keep dying, repairing on the same mistakes. For example imagine 25 people all having the best possible spec, all the tactic knowledge and doing excellent DPS no matter which try it is. We want all players to improve their skills, spec and classknowledge. Not only their gear.
Raidwide thinking should be in all our minds. Helping each other improve, zero-tolerance about whining, and group up to down that boss.

Having said all that, we want the best for you as you all form this guild. And the best for this guild also means we have to be strict in our decisions. You underperform in a raid or show us you havent learned the tactics then we will replace you immediately. Trying to keep 10 players in a progressraid happy means everyone has to step up. Everyone gets frustrated by a guy running in the wrong direction wiping the raid for the 6th time.
Lower frustration, increase progress thats all whats it about. I expect you understand this.

Last but not least:
If anything is still a bit fuzzy or not completely clear, do not hesistate to ask an Officer. They can be found on the forums by their avatars/groups or ofc, ingame by their respective ranktitles. Also check the forum (guild confessional section mostly) regurarly for updates/changes in raid rules, guild changes etc.

Hoping you make it to the cut, and become one of the core ScumBags , i wish all new players all the best.

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